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DWI and MIP convictions can have severe consequences.  Many jobs will be foreclosed to an individual with one of these convictions.  These convictions result in license suspension or revocation.  Additionally, if this is not your first DWI charge, then the prior offender laws kick in and will increase punishment and consequences if you receive a conviction on the new charge. There are many ways to fight the DWI charge, starting with examining the officer's reason for her stop of your vehicle, to the way she conducted the standard field sobriety testing.  It is essential to have an experienced attorney on your side to examine your case and defend you against these charges.

Traffic citations are certainly no big deal in the scheme of things, but it is always wise to hire an attorney to handle these matters for you.  Insurance rates are based in significant part on a person's driver's record.  Maintaining a clean record helps keep those costs as low as possible.  Also, if a driver accumulates too many points, he faces the suspension or revocation of his license.  Hiring counsel to assist on a traffic ticket can help to keep your driver's record as clean as possible to avoid these problems.

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